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January 3, 2012
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Below you will find home movies. I have uploaded these to YouTube and put a link to the pictures here. I have them unlisted on YouTube so the only link is through here. Just click on the picture below the text. The video will open in a new window.

8 mm movies from about 1980.
The quality is not very good on these but they do have some footage of Shawn's father. This video is 3:19 long. Just click the picture.

Shawn 1980

Videos from Shawn's Camera
In 2004, I downloaded some photos from Shawn's camera to my computer. These videos were also on there. This video is 7:41 long. Just click the picture.

Christmas 2004

Memorial Day at the River 2008
This was a wonderful weekend at Shawn's house that he had on the Guadalupe. We started with a Ragweed concert so I included one song on this video. The rest is from the river. This video is 36:14 long. Just click the picture.
WARNING: River language included!

On the river 2008

Cheesehead 1997
Shawn would ask me how the "Plowboys" were doing in football and I would tell him they were trying to keep up with the "Slackers"! In 1997, I was working some shows in Wisconsin so I went to a Packer game in Green Bay and called Shawn from the game. Afterwards I went to the Pro shop and picked him up a cheesehead for his birthday. I also threw in some "other items" so he would have to work for it! Zoli and Kenneth witnessed the  unwrapping. This video is 9:37 long.
Just click the picture.

Cheesehead 1997

The Zapper 2006
Shawn, Janice, Gwen, Trevor, Zoli, CaLae', John Kane, myself, and our 2 cuzzins from Californee, Janet & Caren, were sitting outside at Shawn's place in College Station one summer night playing with a bug zapper that looks like a short tennis racket. Have a good laugh with this one! This video is 8:13 long. Just click the picture.

The Zapper 2006

1984 to 1988
This is an assortment of clips from a VHS camcorder with Christmas, Mamaw's 90th birthday with a young Shawn and Shelby, and riding bikes with Regina and Andie. The date on the first video is wrong. It displays 1980 when it should be 1984 or 1985. This video is 28:26 long. Just click on the picture.

Bike Rider

Janice's Surprise Birthday Party 2005
In 2005, Shawn planned a birthday party for Janice at his place in College Station. He pulled it off, Janice was VERY surprised. This video is 16:35 long. Just click on the picture. (Notice the Lone Star!)

A job well done deserves a Lone Star!

Nursing School Graduation 2007
Both Shawn and Alise graduated with honors from Texas A & M Nursing School in Corpus Christi in 2007. This is the video I took of the honors ceremony, the main graduation, and a little from the celebration after. In 2001, Shawn graduated from Texas A&M Magna Cum Laude (GPA 3.70-3.89). In 2007, he graduared Summa Cum Laude (GPA 3.9-4.0) from nursing school. He actually had a 4.0! WOW! What a feat that is! You just can't be any more proud. This video is 59:19 long. Just click on the picture.

Nursing School 2007 GPA 4.0!

Colorado Trip 1995

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