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Shawn Allen Mohr
January 3, 2012
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I have analyzed it, dissected it, and tried to discredit it and I keep coming back to the same conclusion and opinion. "I am truly blessed to have received such a strong image and message on my camera." I think there is a message for everyone here, and each one is unique. One message is common throughout: comfort and warmth.

Cropped version of original photo

This is a cropped view of the original photo. It appears that the lady is standing in front of the third window. This would be impossible since the pews of the chapel went flush against the back wall. There was not any room for someone to stand there! Also, there appears to be people BEHIND that beautiful light image. When you zoom in on the light, you can see it has layers or waves. Truly amazing!

Still shot from video on other side of room
There is no light and no lady.

This is a still photo from the video that was taken. My cousin Keith was filming the service and happened to pan around to the back of the chapel at the very same time I was taking my photo. You can watch this video clip below. What I find amazing is that not only do I have a wonderful photo on my camera, but I actually have proof from a video that what I captured was not seen by anyone at the time, including myself!

Just click on the link below to watch the video. It will open up in a new window on YouTube so you won't lose your place here. When viewing, I would suggest going to full screen view ( there is an icon in the lower right corner of video screen) and you may want to turn your sound up and listen for beeps. These are from my camera. The first beep after you hear me say "I'll have to set it down" is when I took the picture. Behold the amazement.

I tried to darken the photo, but the light shines through.

It does not matter how much I have tried to darken the light, it always shines through. Very powerful.

Zoom shot. Amazing shape, layers, and light.

The photo above is a zoomed image of the darkened photo. Amazing colors and layers are evident.

Zoom on lady. Do you see any facial features?

This photo of the lady is zoomed 1000%. This was as large as I could get it before it started breaking down into pixel squares. She does not appear to have facial features and her hair seems to be light red. It doesn't match anyone we know with that color hair. Maybe it was meant to be that way for a reason. There was a lady at the chapel who said she was standing back there in the foyer, but she had coal black hair, and why can't we see her in the video through the glass if she was there. Besides, the lady in my photo appears to be in front of the window. You can form your own opinion, but it is still amazing.

On the right is a button we placed on Mom's grave.
Even the sun could not bleach out the light!

My sister, Janice, placed one of the buttons I had made up on Mom's grave. One day she called me to let me know that everything on the button had faded out. The lettering was gone but the only thing you could make out was the light and the lady. The button above is THAT button next to a new one.


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